Array Week Challenge - Day 2

Array Week Challenge - Day 2

Rearranging a few things


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Hello, hello! Here we are on the second day of our second week of Huntober daily challenges!

⏰ Need to Catch Up?

Did you miss yesterday's challenge? Each day builds on the last towards a final solution on Friday of each week. Check out this week's challenge for Day 1 and then head back over here.

I've also added all of this month's challenges to a series here on my blog - hope that helps!

⭐ Array Week

This week our challenges all deal with Arrays! Their purpose is to store a collection of things under a single reference name, but the way they are set up and used in JavaScript is a little different from other programming languages. If you're coming from a different language, be sure to check out what's different! While working on our challenges, feel free to use JavaScript's built-in Array methods.

🏆 The Challenge - Day 2

This week we'll be working with arrays toward a final puzzling result on Friday when we combine our daily functions. Your solutions should be built to work within any given daily constraints.

So it turns out that some of the information I stored ever-so-safely in arrays just isn't looking right. I'm not going to be happy until it feels right, you know what I mean? Could you help me rearrange things a bit?

I need twin functions, a function that swaps a given primitive value in a given 1-dimensional array to an index to the left, and another that swaps it to the right.

Some things to note:

  • If the given value is on the edge of the array and can't move in that direction, don't move it.
  • The given primitive value will only occur once in the array
  • The array passed in should be mutated by this function. Scandalous, I know.


myArray = ['abc', 'xyz', 1, 2, 'Hey!']

// call move left function with 'xyz' and myArray as arguments
console.log(myArray)   // ['xyz', 'abc', 1, 2, 'Hey!']

// call move left function again, same arguments
// Note that 'xyz' is already as far left as it can go
console.log(myArray) // ['xyz', 'abc', 1, 2, 'Hey!'] no change

// call move right function this time, with 2 and myArray as arguments
console.log(myArray) // ['xyz', 'abc', 1, 'Hey!', 2]

// call move right function again, same arguments
// Note that 2 is already as far right as it can go
console.log(myArray) // ['xyz', 'abc', 1, 'Hey!', 2] no change

Got it? Great! I can't wait to get moving things around.

Wait, What's Huntober?

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