Array Week Challenge - Day 6

Array Week Challenge - Day 6

Sliding into the Weekend


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Oooooooooooooo, let's do this!

⏰ You can do this!

It's been almost a whole week of arrays, you know you want to catch up!

This week so far:

⭐ Array Week

This week our challenges all deal with Arrays! Their purpose is to store a collection of things under a single reference name, but the way they are set up and used in JavaScript is a little different from other programming languages. If you're coming from a different language, be sure to check out what's different! While working on our challenges, feel free to use JavaScript's built-in Array methods.

🏆 The Challenge - Day 6

This week we'll be working with arrays toward a final puzzling result on Friday when we combine our daily functions. Your solutions should be built to work within any given daily constraints.

This week has only 6 days of challenges, and this is day 6. Ready to mix it up and put those array functions to good use? I hope so!

Today you'll be plugging in your functions to a skeleton react project to create a sliding puzzle game. Remember those things? I've added comments to the project Codepen, but before you click over there let's go over some key tasks and notes.

Here is the Codepen for the project:

You'll see 3 files: html, css, and js already over there. Please do the following:

  1. Fork the Codepen if it didn't automatically
  2. Add a link to your Github or Twitter to the footer in the html file (I know Codepen outside links don't work, but humor me)
  3. Insert your daily functions where noted in the js file
    • Note that they need specific names and parameters
    • Remember to insert any noted code from the comment within the functions
  4. Play your game! Are there bugs? No worries, debug away

This is my first time having people blind-build functions to plug into a project, so if you get stuck feel free to reach out! It could be that I need to modify the instructions.

I want to point out that I did call it a skeleton project because it is! Feel free to make it your own and add styles or content. Personally, I want to investigate sprites and try that out for the individual tiles so that I can easily use any square image and have a grid size selector.

Share your forked pen with me @huntoberTweets! I'd love to see what you do with it!

Wait, What's Huntober?

Leon Noel's 100Devs are spending October preparing for the job hunt. Anyone who has already broken into a tech career knows that the application and interview process can be grueling! The current cohort has progressed this year all the way from basic HTML files to hosted full-stack applications with authentication and databases.

This month they'll continue to build, but will also work on data structures & algorithms, networking and interview skills, and solving code challenges.