String Week Challenge - Day 2

String Week Challenge - Day 2

A slight detour on the road to Friday


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Hey all! Welcome back to week 1 of my October coding challenges. This week we're untangling some Strings!

⏰ Need to Catch Up?

Did you miss yesterday's challenge? Each day builds on the last towards a final solution on Friday of each week. Check out the challenge for Day 1 and then head back over here.

⭐ String Week

This week our challenges all deal with Strings! As one of JavaScript's primitive data structures, Strings are critical to understand and manipulate. Feel free to use JavaScript's built-in String methods.

🏆 The Challenge - Day 2

This week we will be discovering hidden messages by manipulating a given string. Your solutions should account for any non-empty string. On Friday we'll combine our functions to decode a message.

This is awkward... I had a challenge planned for today, but I kept the computer open while I went to water my plants and came back to chaos on the screen. Not to worry, though! I've figured out what happened and we'll fix it today, ready to get back to our main decoding functions tomorrow.

It turns out that a cat snuck in the house and decided to do some typing while I was away from my desk. Lucky break though, somehow the last key the cat managed to type was a lowercase 'c', and it also somehow managed to be the only lowercase 'c' the cat typed.

If we remove everything up to and including that first 'c' we'll be at a great starting point! Go ahead and scrap all that cat scratch from the string below.

"af)|Cz>:CGAHY1_2+(OHYYTM!2vka,&yAlWJ3.r&ZVs4F5&bEa<1r1_nlsR!eA-dOUmgwd2=CE7?ynnl+KQf8lW8u4/Nh1|D7SK2uYz-Y $YD)q.VmLD-&P(lL=:HDMA1!?_R#P,V3bKLqUp_t.X:_dM<Mr9zQ~fKJOBDF&Qjen=d ZAR8ze5g-gj@aZ/I:M:!.IBXLq@vN&8L7oH, /0RFtH+.7%eXtM/mxV7*%0Hj.?FSm.Kh8=@jlUJ_S.ApQzye-xB7ZVA2AwEaxTa_snPX?>D5th&Ag/9)7%#uMN=J<h!#prB=:CI;U_.T5*#rb)9q<ht~W<BOmQlmy.<8EqIlR(Gh~~$zmW;Y$7dn-$bW1jf%PL),krpzE LQwsG;EQ;l:Z;+6#.3)KDA+s#k#YMmUhm% 2KB)GqR U@4B>+A9Vh62@:&SNKVas5%&N6Oz!s/%7(Pd1xWy#Kv>uqyX=VEyHbe-64|ex^& 2W(gD=>FT*?tMZO$(+B8uTj,DU2~QST(B|xls=9kzN|:4hXt~:R4|nir,6RN8fg~3!3!^!yWZ)bE@SI.zV5Z%V9Qf_^ 4az$?wqtWrRu+1aS9<%I=!xW.:ps f).($Qz9s;8:uxVqJN9K$42NG(0=j)wZ&U1oB?v^7WVP6QE6-?L;^aglPd5dHO(L2TT5+$NeK-P;js-UAiWCI7>Yr&8|md-X)U=%IpuY)9iymv~ _S^ ,&0|(22&(mIcux_4a196w^FN78kz2kX1k&Psc53d ctbl?Eek!kX7Ii.QR~M11<T!,w^xHVn4^Q=HH4#)=AevEek!ux_4a196w^FN7Eek!8kz2kX1k&Psc53d ctbl?kX7Ii.QR~M11<T!,w^xHVn4^Q=HH4#)=AEek!Eek!cvEek!MABf|bEek!dPLpPhh=>%UH<%/^H;8gSAkhmUCu:K?*jzEek!LYC/:E*RU=|s7jWDf8z7-zFqS<Ntoav?m8<Q(1ur3Dpd)(XjY1pE)but>eG@QfEek!$Wx8NRZgmQ5t2 kJd,?_R@%muEJBTdQ0-%mHHW20i8wqMK~Co^w?34ag9idsTeXgfqy4IEek!z7Q?Q)nG~5@~ieY_B=6! sVk~=Ts3T>j/ZAS)AKX3zOocGL icK#-x0Eek!yE+2*fz.4&%<>:RHx/B+IFRG*AK1Hn*PQZpEek!v;ZUzWcJC%lym^:+;GcC!qt@nS5SQEek!ikESbYI#-A.Sv .ksat s'worrEek!Eek!omot Eek!rof rebmeEek!merEek! Eek!ot deeEek!n uoy tahw si enEek!o tsrif siht sedisEek!eb gnirtsbus hcae ni retEek!carahc tsrifEek! eEek!Eek!hT .'V' *esaEek!crewEek!ol* nEek!Eek!o pu Eek!gnirts Eek!siEek!ht tilpEek!S"

Done it? Awesome. Next, it's just a simple matter of undoing what happens when a preschooler dumps a bucket of LEGO blocks on the keyboard. Kids, amiright? You'll want to remove all the instances of the word 'Eek!' in the remaining string please (case sensitive, of course).

Oh, I also forgot that I accidentally reversed the whole string too. Flip it back around after you've dealt with the 'Eek!'s, if you will.

It should be looking a lot better now. I left the instructions for what to do now at the start of the remaining string. Do what it says and save the answer somewhere safe for tomorrow's challenge - it's key info.

Thanks for helping clean up this mess! 🧹 See you tomorrow!

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